Visit Us Less Often!

Small issues, when left unchecked, can become BIG problems.

On this page you will find some helpful tips to keeping those small issues under control.

The Most Important Gauge on Your Dashboard!

Various Temperature Gauges

BMW Cooling systems are only reliable for 80k.

Yes it's true!

After 80,000 miles, the radiator and various other components are on borrowed time. Unfortunately, we get cars towed in with broken radiators and expansion tanks very requently.

Often, the upper radiator inlet will brake right off of the radiator or the expansion tank will split right down the middle -  then it’s time for the tow truck.

I know it sounds strange to replace a seemingly good radiator but it is just part of the preventive maintenance on these cars. If you are not sure if your cooling system has been replaced we can usually tell by looking at it.


BMW Rear Suspension Issues:

Modern BMWs have a lower a arm with a removable ball joint and an upper camber struts that wear out.

The consequence to these wearing out is more negative camber on the rear tires which will wear out the rear tires exponentially faster. This is even more critical with lower profile tires.

It is important to replace these  components when they start to wear out so that you don’t cause accelerated wear on your rear tires. This could double the price of the repair, because you can end up paying for tires and suspension components.


We do Windows (regulators)

Window regulators have proven to be very unreliable. We have to replace them constantly. All I can say about this is if one starts to make noise, immediately stop using it,  so that it doesn’t break on a Friday night with the window down...during a rainstorm.

We have all the regulators in stock all the time. If you need one we can get you in right away to get you back on the road.



Know Your Icons

As automotive systems become more and more complex, we find our dashboards filled with more and more warning lights.  If a warning light appears (or fails to go out after you've started the engine), you should stop as soon as possible in a safe place and refer to your owner's manual.

Besides describing in detail an explanation of each warning light, the manual will also indicate if you have a little time before you have to take your car into the shop, or if it's not safe at all to continue driving.

Below are some of the more common dashboard indicator lights and their meaning. Some manufacturers, like BMW, will have the same indicator show in 2 different colors.

YELLOW will mean to have it checked as soon as you can, while the same icon in RED means you need to pull over right now and have the car towed. If you have any questions please give us a call!
Water temp icon  Combined with a temp gauge in the red, and a 'coolant level' or 'check coolant' warning, this means trouble. Stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so and call us.

These indicator lights tell you there is a problem with your anti-lock braking system.

Your brakes should still function normally, but the anti-lock function has been disabled.

Don't make any sudden stops as you could lose control. Call us to make an appointment to see what has cause the issue. 
ABS Warning indicator

Brake wrning
Here, your Dynamic Brake Control System (DBC) has malfunctioned (in a BMW), or that you have possibly lost pressure in your braking system (in a Porsche). Either way, contact us asap to determine what has caused this.
Brake indicator
This indicator is telling you it is about time for new brake pads, although the squeal you hear when you stop is also telling you that! Call us!

Brake Control Indicator
This simply means the parking brake is engaged. If you have disengaged it and the light remains turned on, contact us. It could mean the fluid is low in your system. 
low oil indicator
Low oil indicator. Check your oil level and top off if needed. If your oil is at the recommended level, call us. It means there is something else going on with your system and it could grow into a large issue if left unchecked.
just stop indicator This means stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so. Call us right away. It tells you that a major malfunction as occurred with your engine management system.

The exclamation mark means it is OK to swear when this light comes on. It won't really solve the problem, but it might make you feel better...

Know what 'NORMAL' sounds like.

Try driving your car around with the radio turned off. Take a good listen.

You will hear wind noise, tire noise, rattles, creaks, etc.
It is vital that you know how your car sounds when all things are 'normal' and functioning correctly.

Most problems start small and many will make small noises too! If you can catch these early, the repair costs are usually MUCH LESS.

Make it a habit as you drive in to work on Mondays to take a few minutes to listen to your car as you drive and ask yourself, "Are there any new sounds?" "Does my car 'feel' different in regards to steering, acceleration, braking, etc.

If so , give us a quick call to schedule a visit. It could be nothing, or it could be the start of something big...

Of course, if everything feels and sounds fine...then turn that radio back on and enjoy the tunes!


Porsche (gives you the) Shaft Bearing Failure

Porsche intermediate shaft bearing failures: we’ve seen a few of these failures recently, where the engines in the Boxters and 996s start to make a rumbling noise before they completely stop.

When this happens, it is a catastrophic failure and the whole engine has to be rebuilt! If you start to hear a deep rumbling from your water cooled Porsche please have it checked out.


BMW refuses to go back!

Loss of reverse in BMW automatic transmissions. This happens on many of the BMW ZF and GM transmissions.

If you lose reverse, don’t fret. We can fix it for not too much money. We stock all the parts and we can get you back on the road very quickly. We are experts at this repair!